Tring School Major Investment in Facilities

Tring School is thrilled to announce that it is embarking on a major re-building project that will see the facilities match the school’s aspirations to go beyond outstanding. Some of the details are still to be decided but we anticipate several brand new buildings to replace those which have reached the end of their useful life. New facilities are likely to include:

  • Design, technology and art block
  • Dining room
  • Catering kitchen
  • Reception
  • Sixth form centre
  • 25 classrooms
  • Sports hall and changing rooms

Headteacher Sue Collings enthused “This is a fantastic moment in the history of Tring School. The learning and teaching are well on the way to being outstanding but we have been held back by some of our facilities which are decaying and no longer fit for purpose. This timely re-building of so much of the school is going to be absolutely fantastic for all of our students for years and years to come. We can’t wait to get into the detail of planning every building and every space so that the students and staff at last have the facilities that they deserve.”

In order to keep the school open and fully operational the project will be undertaken in a series of phases over the next few years. There will be absolutely no impact upon the quality of the students’ learning.

The building work will be paid for with money recently secured from the Government’s Priority School Building Programme as announced in February 2015.


Year 9 Trip to the University of Bedfordshire

The week before Christmas saw the whole of year 9 spend a day at the University of Bedfordshire finding out about university life, meeting students and trying out facilities!

The aim is to show year 9’s what life as an undergraduate could be like and hopefully help them set their academic sights on achieving their potential and getting a degree.

This is the first time we have visited this university and the whole team were really welcoming and helpful.   The campus is located in the centre of Luton and we were able to see lecture theatres, the library and of course, most importantly, a student bedroom which was very compact and an eye watering £120 per week.

Students took part in a range of activities which helped them link a degree course to a GCSE choice and also to a career in that area.   They tried out Sports Science, Art, Drama and even tried Architecture, as they worked together to design the perfect university campus out of lego.   For example as part of a Sports Science degree they got to try out some health profiling activities such as measuring each other’s heart rates, blood pressure, strength etc.

Students also got to know the university team who looked after us, they shared their stories about making their own GCSE choices as well as what life as a student is like.

Our students were enthusiastic and well behaved and we hope they will remember the day.  The university team asked them at the beginning of the day if they wanted to to go to university one day and then asked them the same question at the end of the day.  It was good to see that numbers had crept up to 67% saying they do want to go, 21% thinking about it and only 12% saying no.

We look forward to returning again next year with our current year 8 students.

The Connexions Team

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