Looking for Work after Sixth Form

Moving on after Year 13

Your Programme in Year 12 & 13

  • Careers Fair next week -which talks are best for me?
  • COOL Time – Autumn Term
  • Guest speakers – from local companiies e.g Grass Roots
  • Connexions
  • Interview Techniques
  • Support and interest from our local business network and parents

What you can do now

  • Find a part-time job
  • Look for volunteering opportunities
  • Try work experience over the summer
  • Update your CV
  • Talk to family, friends, build a supportive network for yourself
  • Investigate and research careers, try out careers packages on moodle
  • Speak to Connexions PA or me about your ideas

National Apprenticeships

  1. The National Apprenticeship Service has a growing profile
  2. Our local Co-ordinator attending Careers Fair next week
  3. We will running a session on this in Autumn the term
  4. Students can register now and have a look at what is on offer

Grass Roots Apprenticeships

  1. Started in 2011
  2. Open to Year 13 school leavers locally
  3. This year 6 positions.
  4. Training, incl. part-time degree courses
  5. Pay more than National Apprenticeships
  6. Great opportunity for our students!

Job Search & The Internet

  • Wealth of information on the internet
  • Channel Mogo – Connexions website local to Hertfordshire
  • Speak, text or email a Careers Advisor
  • XC Centre at Hemel Hempstead
  • Support after leaving school

Resources We Can Offer

  1. Our website being updated
  2. Moodle – expert careers packages
  3. School Connexions
  4. Careers 1:1 advice
  5. Careers Library
  6. Information, Advice and Guidance
  7. Monday, Wednesday and Connexions PA in one day per week
  8. Book your appointment

A Successful Job Search


  • Be prepared
  • Plan now
  • Be mindful – your ideas will change!
  • Continue training and learning – Lifelong Learning
  • Ask for help


  • Leave it…spring term is too late
  • Stick your head in the sand – lots of students do!
  • Expect a job to come to you
  • You will have to try harder than last year’s leavers!

We Are Fortunate

  • Hertfordshire workforce has stayed relatively stable
  • Milton Keynes, Watford and London have many company headquarters
  • We have a Connexions Service
  • Youth unemployment staying stable