Stationery Shop

The Stationery Shop is situated by the Issue Desk and sells a great range of school stationery including protractors, compasses, glue sticks, maths and art kits and art pencils.

Stationery Shop Price List

Art Set£5.00
Art Brushes80p
Board Marker50p
Book Covers - plastic, clear40p/50p2 sizes
Document Folder10p
Felt Tips - fine£2.50set of 12 pens
Felt Tips –- broad£3.50set of 12 pens
Glue Stick£1
Gel Pen£1
Ink Cartridge - Universal (blue and black)5p
Ink Cartridge - Parker (blue and black)35p
Maths Kits£4.5010 items
Paper - A4 Pad£1
Pen - Ballpoint (blue,black,red,green)20p
Pen - Berol (blue and black)50p
Pencil – HB10p
Pencils for Art – 2H, 2B, 3B, 4B, HB with eraser20p
Pencils for– Colouring (12 colours)£1.50set of 12
Pencil Case (clear)£1.25
Pen Drives£8.50
Post It Notes80p/£1.30medium/large
Post It Notes60ppage markers
Punched Pockets5p
Revision Cards20p10 cards 2 sizes
Ruler – 15 cm20p
Ruler – 30 cm30p
School Badge£4.95
School Tie (Year 7 - 10)£5.50
School Tie (Year 11)£8.00
Scissors - right & left handed55p
Sellotape/Sticky Tape80p
Shorthand Note Pad50p