Information given to students and/or parents.

Our students can use the school’s wireless network.

Our Ks5 students are encouraged to bring in their own device to help with research.  Their logon and password is the same as the one they use to log on to the school network.  Any problems please call in to the I.T. Office.

Helpful Links (click on the picture)

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Our students can be issued with a school office365 account.

All Students can be issued with a email account with access to download free Microsoft Office (  Issuing of office365 is on a request basis for students and their parents who would like to take advantage of the free office offer.  The school uses Gmail as their main communication system and all students are expected to use Google Apps (  To request office365 please use the IT contact form on the contacts page on this website. Click here

E- Safety Information

Show My Homework

For parents and carers who wish to take a more active role in their children’s home learning, they can by having their own Show My Homework account. We’ve given ‘power’ back to parents. They can now take a more proactive role in driving homework prioritisation, keeping tabs on homework without being intrusive.

If you have not received your letter with your logon information go to the Show My Homework website and click on login (top Right). Click forgot my password and put in your email that you have registered with the school.  An email will be sent to this address with your logon details.


Students can use their gmail logon for show my homework.  Parents can use the I have forgotten my password button and if you have filled in your email address in the past SMH will email you a password reset link.

Guidelines on using the network

At Tring School we want our students to develop in to responsible adults.  We have in place a few guidelines to keep our students safe and to help them develop a responsible attitude when using I.T for their learning.

You may only use the school network, including e-mail, for school related work.

 If you use the Internet inappropriately, for example:

  • Playing games;
  • Reading/writing personal e-mails during lesson;
  • Accessing/searching inappropriate sites including e-bay, on-line music, msn, social networks etc.;
  • Downloading software or music not requested by your teacher;
  • Inappropriate language i.e. swearing or insults.

…your Teacher or Head of House will be informed

Please note any offence judged as serious or raises concerns for your safety, even if it is a first offence, will be referred directly to your Head of House or Mr Barlow.

RM Tutor (live feed)/Securus (Screen shots)

The IT Systems Engineers and the teachers are able to monitor what you are doing on your computer and will apply sanctions if the systems are not used in accordance with your Lesson Plan.

Network Accounts (Username/password)

If you allow another pupil to use your username and password to log onto the network then both students will receive warnings.  Using someone else’s account is a serious matter.  Please note that in the business world using someone else’s network account can result in suspension or dismissal.

Always make sure you lock your computer when you get up from your table by clicking on the WINDOWS key + L, and to log off when you have finished using it.

The IT Team

Mrs D Gower – Network Manager
Mrs C Edwards – IT Administrator and Safeguarding
Mr J McGinnity – 2nd/3rd Line Systems Engineer
Mr L Roberts – 1st/2nd Line Systems Engineer
Mr C Rogers – 1st Line Systems Engineer

Mr N BarlowAssistant Head/E-Safety