Parents’ Glossary


A Level Information System. Tests used to help set examination targets at A Level.


Cognitive Ability Tests (Year 7) taken at the beginning of the year.


Service providing advice to young people about issues such as drugs, careers, sex education.

Core Subjects

English, Maths and Science. Subjects which are compulsory throughout a student’s statutory education.

D & T

Design and Technology.

Foundation Subjects

Subjects other than Maths, English or Science.


Higher Education.


Information and Communication Technology.

Induction Day

Year 6 students are invited for their induction to Tring School.


Holiday for students when staff are in school for in­service training.

Key Stages 3, 4 and 5

Education is organised into blocks of years. KS3 – Years 7, 8 and 9 KS4 – Years 10 and 11 KS5 – Years 12 and 13


Leadership Team.

Learning Resource Centre

Tring School Library.


National Curriculum.

Occasional Day

Holiday for staff and students.

Pastoral Report

Written report from form tutor about student behaviour/attitude at school.

Progress Tracker

Level/grade student has achieved each term.


Special Educational Needs Co­ordinator.


Sexual and Relationships Education.

Subject Codes

For the full list of KS3 & KS4 Subject Codes please click below.
Subject Codes

Vertical Tutoring

Mixed Age Tutor Groups.

World Challenge

Company specialising in challenging expeditions for students to a wide variety of developing countries.


Investigative Skills Assignment. Assessment exercises taken under examination conditions which contribute 25% of the marks for Science GCSE subjects.

Tutor Time

Twenty five minutes in the afternoon when the Form Tutor registers all students in their Tutor Group. This time is also used for form activities, giving out notices and House and Year assemblies.