Exam Results

Tring School Examination Results 2016

2016Key Stage 4 (KS4) Performance:
79%Students attaining 5+ A*-C (all subjects)
72%Students attaining 5+ A*-C including English and Maths
23%Students attaining the English Baccalaureate
87%Students making 3 Levels of Progress in English
72%Students making 3 Levels of Progress in Maths

The most recent results are published by the Secretary of State in the School Performance Tables on the Department for Education’s website.

Year on year comparisons:
All pupils
5+ A* - C E&M72%76%67%72%
EP English76%83%78%87%
EP Maths85%81%73%72%

Ebacc – The subjects and qualifications that contribute to the English Baccalaureate measure
EP – Expected progress between the end of KS2 and the end of KS4

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