Mobile Phone Use

Mobile phones can be a source of contention in schools.

We have chosen not to ban them because they are part of our modern society and using them responsibly is an important skill. We are experimenting with the use of mobiles as a learning tool in some lessons. For example copying something from a board can take a long time and isn’t always a productive learning experience. Photographing the board and sending the image to your own OneDrive area can be a more efficient way of using learning time. However, for activities like this to occur we have to have controls in place. Currently it is up to the individual teacher’s discretion as to students’ use of their phones in a lesson. We are evaluating the effectiveness of  this and will let you know how it goes. Meanwhile we do not want students walking around with mobiles or using them irresponsibly. Students know this is not acceptable. Our policy has not changed at this point in time whilst we see if this development can work successfully.

When we have finished our evaluations we will either amend, or not, the school policy for mobiles phones.