Welcome to the Examinations page.  Here you can find information on timetables, results days and other important exam documentation.

If you have any questions about any exam matter, the Examinations Team can be contacted by phoning the school or alternatively you can e-mail exam@tringschool.org.

Exam Results Days August 2017


All candidates are expected to be familiar with the rules and regulations before entering an exam room.  The documents for these are to be found in the box on the right entitled “Notices for Students” and all exam candidates should spend some time reading through them.


The following services are available for each exam series: (but see above for the latest available)

  • *Priority Re-mark (known as an Enquiry About Result): only for A2 candidates whose university place is in jeopardy.  The Boards will relegate any request not made for this purpose to a normal re-mark.
  • Re-mark: available for all candidates
  • *Access to Scripts (photocopy): GCE AS & A2 only.  This is only for candidates who wish to see their paper before asking for an EAR.
  • Access to Scripts: available for all candidates. (But see note below.)
  • Re-sit Requests: a fees list is one of the documents attached.  Candidates should always consult their teachers before making a request.  The examination team can also offer advice.

Please see the documentation for all fees and deadlines.  Requests will only be dealt with if accompanied by the relevant payment. Deadlines are final!

Please note that the above services are not available for any Coursework, Controlled Assessments, Orals or Art Exams.

Student Exam Guide

Click below to open a guide

Year 7 Exam Booklet 2017

Year 8 Exam Booklet 2017

Year 9 Exam Booklet 2017

Year 10 Mock Exam Booklet 2017

Year 11 Study Support Programme (Period 6)

Please find link below to Gojimo a free exam revision app.



Exam certificates for the summer series will firstly be available at the Presentation Evening in November.  Thereafter they can be collected at Reception as a signature is required for collection.  Friends or relatives may collect and sign for certificates on a candidates behalf.  Please phone or email ahead so that the examination team can arrange for the certificates to be in Reception.  Current students can collect their certificates directly from the Examination Office.

Some students have still not collected their certificates for the previous summer exam series.  Please remember that these are vital documents as they are the only proof of exam results.  The certificates are not sent out by post as they must be signed for.

I have a large collection of unclaimed certificates dating back to 2004!

As always, if you have any questions about any of these exams, please contact the Examination Office:  exam@tringschool.org.


Public Exams on days when circumstances lead to the school being closed to students

The times of Public Exams cannot be altered, so in the event of a school closure, public exams will still go ahead at the scheduled time whenever possible.  Students should check on the Exams page of the school website, Parentmail or the school answerphone for details on the day concerned.  It is appreciated that not all students will be able to get into school. Unfortunately the only alternative is for such students to be re-entered for the exam in the next available series.