The Geography Department offers students opportunities to study a range of subjects including climate, weather, population, tourism and different countries.


What equipment will my child need in Geography?

  • Pen, pencil, rubber, ruler, glue stick, scissors, coloured pencils calculator.
  • It will be beneficial to have a memory stick

What will my child be studying?


Year 7

  • Fair Trade
  • Restless Earth
  • Weather and Climate
  • The World

Year 8

  • Planet Earth
  • Global issues
  • Brazil
  • Coasts
  • Tourism

Year 9

  • Sport
  • Amazing places
  • Development
  • Extreme Environments
  • Population
  • Globalisation

How do I help my child through KS3 Geography?

  • Homework will be set once a week. Regularly checking your child’s homework and offering advice on improvements will be of valuable assistance, discussion and extra research of topical geographical issues through watching the news reading newspapers and looking at news websites.
  • Holidays taken abroad and in the UK offer ample opportunities for Geography through looking at landscapes and geographical features as well as studying different cultures.

How will my child be assessed in Geography?

  • Students will be continually assessed through Key Stage 3 in Geography in order to help them understand how they can improve.
  • In addition to these assessment for learning activities your child will also complete five formally assessed pieces of work each year, which will be marked according to the National Curriculum criteria.


Exam Board: AQA
Tiered Exam: Higher and Foundation

How is the course assessed?

75% examination (Paper 1: Physical Geography; Paper 2: Human Geography) and 25% controlled assessment

How long are the examinations?

Both are 1hour and 30minutes

Are there controlled assessments?

At Christmas in Year 10, and the two exams are at the end of Year 11

What is covered on the course?

Restless earth,; living world; water on the land; the development gap; changing urban environments; tourism

What texts would you recommend?

The CGP GCSE Geography for AQA A specification revision guide

What websites would you recommend?

Kerboodle- we provide the accounts

Subject Leader: Miss L Keeley


A Level Geography

For details of the Geography course, please click on the link below:

UCAS – Geography