World Challenge

At Tring School, we want our students to develop skills and knowledge beyond the realms of their curriculums and how to pass exams. We have a long history of offering students valuable learning opportunities outside the classroom. World Challenge is a company we use to provide educational expeditions in the developing world which teach life skills and expand our students’ minds. At Tring School, we now offer two types of World Challenge packages to our students, the 3 week Expeditions and the 2 week Adventures.


Two Week World Challenge Adventure for 2017

Twenty Year 9 students are very excited about heading off to Belize in July.  Split into two teams, after arriving in Vientiane, students will be trekking in the jungle at the Phu Khao Khuay (Buffalo Horn Mountain) National Protected Area.  Challengers are very excited at the prospect of spending two nights in hammocks! Our project phase will be in the village of  Houy Tan where we will be helping with the installation of water system. We are looking forward to immersing ourselves into a completely different culture and in preparation have researched our destination, completed a First Aid course, taken part in a Laos Masterchef competition and raised £3000 for our project. We have recently launched our 2018 adventure to Sri Lanka to our current Year 8 students.

Three week World Challenge Expedition for 2018

In 2016, we launched World Challenge Borneo for students currently in Years 10 and 11 who are now working hard to fundraise for their trip which leaves in the summer of 2017.
As well as a challenging jungle trek they will be immersing themselves in the culture and will be assigned a specific charitable community project where they will make a real difference to the local community. They will be visiting Sepilok Nature reserve where they will have a chance to encounter orangutans in the wild.

Two Week World Challenge Adventure for 2018

We have just launched our 2018 Year 9 trip to Sri Lanka. Students will be travelling to Colombo before heading of to the Knuckles mountain range for 3 days of trekking. The mountainous Knuckles Range is home to some of Sri Lanka’s rarest and endemic species. After the trek the students will be heading off to complete a community project and the challengers will be working with local communities. Before embarking on some well deserved rest and relaxation, we will be completing one last trek which involved 5200 steps up a mountain called Adam’s peak hopefully we will make the summit for sunrise.

On Expedition and Adventure

Students are in charge once we get in Country, responsible for their own budget, shopping, cooking, transport, accommodation and so much more; real life skills which they will always remember. Teamwork is key to the success and students have had lots of opportunities to learn how to cope in a challenging environment.

Past Expeditions and Adventures

In recent years, we have offered students trips to countries such as Laos, Zambia, Thailand, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Nicaragua and India. The objective is to provide a character-building experience involving mental and physical challenges. Students taking part have completed extreme treks through mountains, up volcanoes, across plains or through jungles. They have also undertaken community projects including funding and building a rural sustainable shop in Zambia; rebuilding ancient dry-stone walls in an Andean National Park; working at orphanages in the foothills of the Himalayas; and building playgrounds or classrooms for underprivileged kindergartens or schools in places such as Chile, Borneo and Ghana. The project phases always give the students a great sense of achievement and altruism. A good proportion of the money the students raise goes towards these charitable projects and benefit the local communities they visit – so if you see our students in World Challenge T-shirts bag packing, ticket selling for a fundraising event, busking, car washing or boot cleaning, please stop to ask them about their trip and the good cause they’ll be supporting!


At Tring School, we now offer two types of World Challenge packages to our students, the 3 week Expeditions and the 2 week Adventure; both require the students to raise the money themselves by organising their own fundraising events, setting up creative enterprises and, if they can find them, securing part time jobs. Our resourceful students have done all sorts to ensure their place on a World Challenge. We’ve had entrepreneurial students arrange outdoor cinema events, host dinner parties for their parents’ friends, selling afternoon tea at open garden festivals, setting up stalls for their home-made cards, cakes, jams and candles… the list is endless.

Group fundraisers the school has helped to make possible include Concerts, Country and Western Night with ‘Dolly Parton’, a Tring Litter Pick, Quiz ‘n’ Curry Nights,  and a Gifts and Promises Auction. Students can also make money by having a stall at the termly Enterprise Markets that take place during a lunchtime.

World Challenge Expeditions – launched to Year 10 and 11, travelling at the end of Year 11/12

These are epic adventures involving 2 years of the students’ fundraising in the run up to embarking on a character building, memory making trip of a life time to a far-flung destination. The students decide upon their own tailor-made itineraries so no trip is ever the same but all will include a community project phase, one long trek or two separate treks and some rest and relaxation time.
We launch these expeditions emphasising that they are not holidays – they are a challenging two year projects and the lead up is as important as an experience as the 3 weeks away itself.
In-country, the students lead themselves only overseen by experienced staff who will only step in if safety is compromised. They build confidence and learn life skills while they manage the team budget, arrange their own food, transport and accommodation and discover the local culture for themselves.

One thing is for sure, the students who take part certainly return home more mature and independent with a realisation that they really shouldn’t take their everyday luxuries and parental support for granted.

World Challenge Adventures – launched to Year 8 students, travelling at the end of Year 9

For the first time, in 2012, we took a group of Year 9 students to Ghana for two weeks. The progress they made was certainly worth the whole year it took for them to raise the money to pay for their place on the trip.  Since then we have taken groups to Thailand, Morocco, Zambia & Laos.  This year we are off to Belize and in 2018 we will be adventuring to Sri Lanka.

It was quite a culture shock for them but the biggest challenges for the students were to work as a team, organise themselves and their days without adult intervention and listen to one another!

For more information, see the World Challenge website.

The World Challenge ethos


  • Challenge

    Students face a series of mental and physical challenges, taking them outside their comfort zones and teaching them how to overcome adversity, cope with new environments and become more aware of both their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Participation

    Students work as a team, take responsibility, set and meet objectives and learn to become confident decision-makers.

  • Environment

    Students learn to become more environmentally aware by exploring diverse landscapes, finding out about other cultures or discovering more about their own within a wider world context. They will gain a broader global perspective and a greater respect for the world.