We believe that a supportive pastoral system plays an essential part in creating the orderly, purposeful and caring atmosphere in which all individuals can do their best.  The school has an enviable reputation for the support it gives to students.


Mr Nigel Barlow is the Designated Senior Person for Safeguarding Children.  He will be happy to discuss any questions or concerns parents/carers may have about Child Protection Policies and Practice.  Tring School has a Safeguarding Children Policy and it is available for parents/carers to see.  Also see our Safeguarding Statement.

Safeguarding Statement

Faith and Values

As a Church of England School, our faith is central to our commitment to education.  The School Prayer is said at every assembly as a reminder of the values of the school, society and the Tring community.  We have a dedicated School Chaplain who provides additional support for students and staff experiencing personal issues and challenges within the school.  The School Chaplain aims to demonstrate a gentle and informative understanding of the belief system which is the foundation of our society through guidance based on the Gospels’ teachings, especially on truth and justice.

I’m here every day as a reminder to students and staff that our community, in school and in Tring, is based on love and faith.

School Chaplain

The House system

Tring School operates a vertical tutoring system and new students will be placed in mixed-age tutor groups.  These groups consist of students from each of the Year groups in the school.  Students remain with their tutor group, usually with the same tutor, throughout their time in the school.

Each tutor group is designated to one of our four Houses.  These are named after local places – Ascott, Claydon, Halton and Waddesdon.  When assigned to a House in Year 7, students represent that House for the rest of their time at Tring School.  Each House is supported by a Head of House who lead the team of tutors and are responsible for the welfare and progress of the students in Years 7 – 11.

The Tutor and the Head of House are responsible for overseeing attendance, punctuality and uniform.  They also stress the importance of excellent standards of behaviour, monitor academic progress and maintain close contact with parents.

Tring School’s House system provides a wide range of opportunities for students to participate in social activities, charity work and an ever increasing number of inter-house competitions.  Most of these carry points which lead to an annual presentation for the winning House.

Students in Years 12 and 13 form part of the tutor and House system together with our specialist Head of Sixth Form and Student Support Manager who work specifically with our Sixth Form students, monitoring their attendance, academic progress and maintaining close contact with parents.


Heads of House

Ascott  – Mr J Sanday

Claydon – Mrs D Young

Halton – Mrs K Baiden

Waddesdon – Miss J Stefan

Student Support Administrator – Mrs V Parker

Sixth Form

Head of Sixth Form  –  Miss J Alder (Maternity Cover for Mrs S Kay)

KS5 Student Support Manager – Miss A Moore

Sixth Form Administrator – Mrs L Evans

UCAS Co-ordinator – Mrs N Hubble