House System

Tring School operates a vertical tutoring system and new students will be placed in mixed-age tutor groups.  These groups consist of students from each of the year groups in the school.  Students remain with their tutor group, usually with the same tutor, throughout their time in the school.

Each tutor group is designated to one of our four Houses – Ascott, Claydon, Halton and Waddesdon, named after local stately homes.  When assigned to a House in Year 7, students represent that House for the rest of their time at Tring School.  Each House is supported by a Head of House who lead the team of tutors and are responsible for the welfare and progress of the students in Years 7 – 11.

The Tutor and the Head of House are responsible for overseeing attendance, punctuality and uniform. They also stress the importance of excellent standards of behaviour, monitor academic progress and maintain close contact with parents.

Tring School’s House system provides a wide range of opportunities for students to participate in social activities, charity work and an ever increasing number of inter-house competitions.  Most of these carry points which lead to an annual presentation for the winning House.

Students in Years 12 and 13 form part of the tutor and House system together with our specialist Head of Sixth Form and Student Support Manager who work specifically with our Sixth Form students, monitoring their attendance, academic progress and maintaining close contact with parents.



Head of House: Miss J Stefan

W1Mr A DobsonB22
W2Mr G WoodwardsH11
W3Mrs F ManserN7
W4Miss E DugganN8
W5Mrs J Brown / Mrs V JohnstonN2
W6Ms L CushnieD2
W7Miss T MorganD1
W8Mr E OtooH8
W9Miss R CauntH2
W10Miss H Stephenson/Mrs A NewtonB23
W11Mr A BradleyB16
W12Mrs L Munroe/Mrs L TooveyB7
W13Mr T FoxB12
W14Mrs J MitchellH10
W15Miss A McLeodW8


Head of House: Mrs D Young

C1Mr R DownsS3
C2Mr M WallingtonB6
C3Miss L WellerH1
C4Mr J AshcroftF8
C5Miss C Rance / Mrs R HobsonF7
C6Miss S JonesT7
C7Miss S GomersallT10
C8Mr R BanerjeeD3
C9Mr C McKennaB1
C10Mrs E FerrisB15
C11Miss L BullockH5
C12Mrs K BakerT2
C13Miss K DoyleN10
C14Ms L CassonW2
C15Mrs C Simler/ Mrs E Browne N1
C16Mrs A Abbott/Mrs A SharpB3


Head of House: Mrs K Baiden

H1Mr J FieldenB14
H2Mr J MorganB13
H3Mrs J Pennington-WrightW10
H4Miss A SaundersH9
H5Mr R King / Mrs H KnightT5
H6Miss S CushionN4
H7Mr C HebbsH3
H8Miss E BandyN5
H9Mr M EvansN9
H10Mr E AnoH6
H11Miss L BaconT8
H12Ms M van der MerweN6
H13Dr K IrlamW1
H14Mr M BarrB5
H15Mrs S VoraB4


Head of House: Mr J Sanday

A1Miss N MackieN12
A2Mrs H EslerB10
A3Miss F MitchellB2
A4Mr D Lane/Mrs S TunstallW7
A5Miss E McErlaneW5
A6Miss C NicklinF9
A7Mr C CurryW9
A8Mr S Wright W4
A9Mrs L JonesH4
A10Mr B WoolfT11
A11Mr L TaglianiH7
A12Miss J Clapper N3
A13Miss L FlemingN11
A14Mrs B TubbrittT12
A15Mrs D AntoineB11
A16Miss L ThompsonW3