Coram Boy

A tale of abandoned babies, deceit & blackmail. This year’s school production was Coram Boy, a play set in the 18 century following the life of a baby boy, given up by his mother to be taken to the Thomas Coram Foundling Hospital.

This play is particularly poignant as Ashlyns School was one of the Foundling Hospitals until as recently as the 1950s.

The students have been working on the play with Miss Cushnie for several months and put on four fantastic performances at the Pendley Court Theatre. Each night the packed audience was treated to outstanding performances from all the actors, dressed in full period costumes. They were accompanied by the equally talented students in the school choir and orchestra.

“Utterly absorbing” & “Incredibly high standard from the actors and musicians” were just two of the compliments from members of the audience.



‘A’ Level History Students Visit the Crown Jewels – Student Reports

I feel that when you get to properly experience parts of history it makes it a whole different  concept. It’s much harder to remember everything you read in a text book, but being able to walk around and see the actual buildings that some of the key figures we learn about were once in, makes specific parts of what we learn so much more memorable. I find that I’m a very visual and auditory learner and I like to ask questions, the trip was a perfect way to incorporate all of this. The cafe was really nice too…

Freja Edmunds

The Tower Of London gave me a great insight into what it was like to live in that time, especially in relation to the Tudors. It really puts the things we learn in perspective. The best part was to be able to see the Crown Jewels! And the film set was awesome – Holmes &  Watson (new Sherlock film).

Tommy Burge