Year 13 Photography students were entered into an exhibition held at the Peter Ingram Gallery, Frogmore Paper Mill in Apsley. This was organised by ‘Hope’, a children’s charity who raises money to support children around the world.

The opening night of the exhibition was judged by leading figures in the Art and Photography world.

Our students’ work achieved success in three categories winning 3rd place for Jake Perrin by the ‘Judges’ choice and overall 1st place was awarded to Nina Willoughby.

Dr Parsons (founder of Hope) also awarded Nina his 3rd choice for his favoured photo and 3rd place was awarded to Sophie Smith for her image given to her by the Deputy Mayor of Hemel Hempstead.

In all, a hugely successful evening for our students who now have recognition for their creativity at a national level.

Well done.


Mobile Phone Use

Mobile phones can be a source of contention in schools.

We have chosen not to ban them because they are part of our modern society and using them responsibly is an important skill. We are experimenting with the use of mobiles as a learning tool in some lessons. For example copying something from a board can take a long time and isn’t always a productive learning experience. Photographing the board and sending the image to your own OneDrive area can be a more efficient way of using learning time. However, for activities like this to occur we have to have controls in place. Currently it is up to the individual teacher’s discretion as to students’ use of their phones in a lesson. We are evaluating the effectiveness of  this and will let you know how it goes. Meanwhile we do not want students walking around with mobiles or using them irresponsibly. Students know this is not acceptable. Our policy has not changed at this point in time whilst we see if this development can work successfully.

When we have finished our evaluations we will either amend, or not, the school policy for mobiles phones.


Parent Governor Vacancies

Could you be a Governor of Tring School?

Many of our Governors had never thought about being one, until the opportunity was advertised, or a colleague/friend suggested it to them. So then, why did they say “Yes. Why not?” and take up the opportunity?

  • To contribute something to the local community
  • To have an interest outside of work
  • To be involved in decisions that affect the future of the school
  • To be more involved in my child’s education
  • To better understand the way in which a school operates
  • To fulfill my Christian faith and beliefs.
  • Because I am passionate about education
  • As a way of saying thank you

“I remember my first meeting as being quite daunting but as time went on I began to realize that governors are just ordinary people trying to do what is best for the school.”

So, if you become a Governor, what could you get out of it?

Here are some thoughts from current Governors:

  • I enjoy learning about how the school functions and contributing to the various discussions and debates.
  • It also offers the chance to get to know more about where your kids go and to influence things about it you want to change.
  • It enables me to ‘put something back’ as the saying goes.
  • A sense of community and shared goals.
  • The chance to work with an impressive group of professionals from a diverse range of professions and to learn from each other.
  • The work sometimes dovetails with my day to day work so it complements my professional interests very well.
  • Contact with the school where my four children were students for a total of 15 years, and an opportunity to give something back.
  • Being part of the school community and, by association, the local community.
  • I enjoy feeling that as a governing body we make a real difference to the ethos and strategic direction of the school, ensuring that all our students can grow into informed and well-rounded participants in society.
  • I’m fairly new in the role so I’ve spent my first year listening and observing at meetings and I’ve attended a few training courses too so I feel better equipped now to know how to fulfil the role.

And what could you offer?

The School Governing Body comprises people with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, which all make a difference and add something to the running of the school. For instance:

  • Ensuring that training and resources are provided to meet specific needs, such as Diabetes.
  • As I work in education I can offer knowledge and skills in policy, research and professional development as well as information about resources.
  • I’ve learned business management and leadership skills over 30 years at work, which I can use to help make good decisions and support the school.
  • I have a particular interest in addressing climate change, I am working with the student Eco Council to try and help them bring about greater environmental awareness and sustainability.
  • I realised the need for the school to have people from the community to share their knowledge and experience to improve the school, not just educationalists who can get stuck in one mind set.
  • Having worked for 20 years in business I believe I can offer both level headed and analytical skills to go alongside deep pastoral concern for the fate of every child and member of staff in school.

If you are interested then please contact Anna Wiltshear, Headteacher’s PA on 01442 822303, who will arrange for you to meet with Sue Collings to discuss this further.